Why I chose to develop my own Gua Sha tools 馃聽

The Gua Sha has been part of the Chinese aesthetical and traditional medicine practice for many years. The Gua Sha comes from the Chinese word for scraping. 

It is known for its powerful healing properties. 

I have used a Gua Sha myself for many years and consider it to be a must-have in everyone鈥檚 beauty kit at home. It鈥檚 such an easy, effective tool to support optimal skin health. It鈥檚 a cost-effective, affordable way to look after your face as you age. 

Simple massage techniques using your Gua Sha will help to:

  • Relieve tension in the muscles of face, neck, chest & shoulders relieve tension in the muscles of face, neck, chest & shoulders 
  • Encourage lymphatic drainage to support detoxification and repair 
  • Break up fascia to improve optimal circulation 
  • Boosts blood flow to restore and replenish the skin cells 
  • Oxygenates skin & muscles 
  • Stimulates pressure points to relieve headaches, supports better breathing and even helps to alleviate stress & anxiety.

The list is endless! I could go on and on about the benefits of using a Gua Sha. You will see instant, visible results, and if you鈥檙e consistent, and it becomes part of your beauty regime, you will notice that the results are accumulative. Over time, it will help to prevent wrinkles forming and reduce the depth of existing lines, support a more supple and toned face, and you will achieve a more youthful complexion with less tension in the head, neck and shoulders. 

I chose White Jade for my Gua Sha tools. White Jade promotes calm and relaxation. It鈥檚 the ideal stone for self-care.

Top tips 

  • Always use with a facial oil . We want to glide the stone over the skin, not scrape.
  • Keep it at approx a 30-45 degree angle to the skin 
  • Familiarise yourself with where your lymph nodes are so you can direct the stone towards them. 

I have a class on Gua Sha tips and tricks on TMW method platform here for those that have subscribed. For those that haven’t you can purchase a subscription here.

Follow my video to learn how to use it correctly

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