5 ways to improve your mood

It’s so easy to slip in to a low mood, what with everything going on at the moment. I personally have days where I’m really productive and feeling great, to days where my energy is low and I feel really sluggish.

I want to share the things that help me to boost my mood on those down days. They are very simple solutions, right at your fingertips.

1. Do some physical activity.

It’s well researched and proven to boost those endorphins (happy hormones)

Pilates has been my go-to for a few years now. I also love Yoga. But on days where you can’t even bring yourself to your mat, go for a walk or a bike ride.

When I get on my mat and practice my Pilates, I have to focus on the movement. It’s such a good way to get out of your mind and in to your body. It increases your blood flow, reduces stress hormones, plus so much more! I always feel stronger and have more mental clarity afterwards.

2. Meditation

Breath work and meditation are my absolute must-haves when I’m feeling particularly frazzled. I often make it a part of my bed time ritual, even if I only manage 5 minutes.

I light a candle, lay down or sit on my mat and put my headphones on. Meditation helps me clear my mind, become aware of what’s going on in my body and where I need to focus my energy. It reduces stress, improves anxiety and provides more emotional balance. This is definitely worth a try if you’re feeling flat. 1.

3. Face Care

We hold so much emotion and tension in our face, so spend some time massaging your pressure points. I recently uploaded a video on to YouTube about significant pressure points found on the face that help with stress, anxiety and headaches.

Activating certain pressure points can help release blocked energy channels and even help to improve your mood. Use your favourite oil and spend some time on your face. This never fails to make me feel good.

4. Light your favourite candle

Surround yourself with all your favourite scents. Whether it be a candle, a room spray or pillow mist… when we are surrounded by the scents we love the most, your mood improves instantly.

My favourite candle is Tubereuse, by Dyptique

My favourite perfume is Santal 33, by Le Labo

And I love a Lavender pillow spray at bedtime!

5. Switch off your phone and read your favourite book

It’s rare these days to find yourself without your phone in your hand. Give yourself a cut off time on some days and stick to it! Put your phone down – the blue light is not good for our sleep cycle, so put it down a while before bedtime and read a paperback book. Try to avoid reading from a screen.

Get lost in your favourite novel and don’t feel guilty about it! You deserve some time alone, guilt free.

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