What is Retinol?

A derivative of Vitamin A. It’s the skincare ingredient that is the most misunderstood but equally the most effective. It works by stimulating cell renewal and can help reduce lines, pigmentation and even acne and scarring.

We don’t produce Vitamin A within the body so it’s recommended that we apply it topically through our skincare and consume it in our diet too. 

How it works…

The small molecules penetrate to the Dermis (the middle layer of skin) and here they neutralise free radicals. This boosts our collagen & elastin, which in turn plumps and firms our skin. Elastin is responsible for giving our skin elasticity and tone. So our skin will feel more bouncy and healthy afterwards.

On the epidermis (surface level of skin) the retinol will re-texturise the skin and help to balance out an uneven complexion. It can even regulate sebum (oil) production and inhibit the production of breakouts; making it great for acne/spot prone skin too.

So expect to see a clearer, smoother skin in a matter of weeks! 

To ensure that you don’t suffer with any irritation from using Retinol, make sure to introduce it slowly. Start with a low strength product, once a week to begin with, then you can increase the usage once your skin has adapted to it. It’s best to use it at night time (after cleansing) and always use an SPF during the day. Your SPF should be a minimum of a factor 30 and try not to be exposed to the sun for long periods of time. When using retinol products your skin may become more photosensitive so a sunscreen (& a hat!) is essential. 

Don’t use your retinol product the day before you exfoliate, this could lead to skin irritation. Your first retinol product is recommended to be introduced in your late 20’s – early 30’s and aim for a product that is 0.1-0.3%

I personally prefer to use retinol as a serum. Serum products with retinol in them will reach the deeper dermal layers more effectively than a cream or oil would. 

If you’re new to using Retinol, start with a low strength and work your way up. I would only recommend working your way up to the next available strength once you have been using the lowest strength retinol for some time and not experienced any skin irritation. 

I’m currently enjoying Juice Beauty Stem Cell Retinol. I’ve been using retinol for some time. I initially started using retinol once or twice a week then increased to every night once my skin could tolerate it.

This product has added moisturising ingredients of Jojoba, Coconut & Shea Butter and packed with Hyaluronic Acid & Vit B5 to hydrate too. Available at Naturisimo. You can use my discount code TARYN10 at checkout for 10% off your order.

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