Collagen supplements. Do they really work and how?

Collagen, the protein that forms our connective tissue and our skin. It’s building blocks are amino acids. We produce amino acids when the protein we eat is broken down and re-formed in to other proteins, like collagen. 

Collagen is responsible for keeping our skin healthy, supple and firm but unfortunately, we naturally start to deplete it from our mid-20’s onwards. This prompts the loss of elasticity and radiance. We can’t prevent this from happening but we can slow the process down.

For example, consuming vitamin C and wearing SPF is extremely important, lifestyle choices also have an impact, but we can include collagen supplements in our daily regime too. Vitamin C is needed for collagen production in the body; that’s why it’s my number 1 recommendation to include in your diet. Think citrus fruits! 

So, do supplements actually work? 

Rewind a couple of years back and I personally wouldn’t have bothered to take collagen supplements, but they have made a huge comeback in recent years as more testing has been done and there is evidence that some doses really make a difference. 

The collagen peptides in supplements are digested in to smaller molecules and then absorbed in to your gut. 1 hour after consuming the supplements, tests have shown them to appear in the blood, which then transports the absorbed peptides to the skin; where it remains for two weeks. 

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That for me proves that they work, however, look for collagen supplements that have been hydrolysed. It can be more easily absorbed and therefore bio available. 

I’m currently enjoying Bare Biology collagen powder. I add it to my daily smoothie or breakfast bowl. It’s sourced from wild cod, is type I collagen peptide and I add 5g in to each day.  We can also boost collagen production with our diet too. 

Vitamin C is found in many fruit & vegetables, and I also recommend adding chicken, beef or fish bone broth. It heals the gut and is rich in collagen and amino acids. 

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