My next face masterclass!

I am so thrilled to announce the date for my next face masterclass! 

 – Wednesday 9th June at 7pm 

My face masterclass sessions guide you through a face, neck & chest massage,  designed to leave you feeling relaxed and restored and have you looking rejuvenated, contoured and toned. 

It’s a 45 minute online face workout class. Massage techniques are used to lift, sculpt & release tension in the muscles of the face and neck. Please ensure you bring an appropriate oil, tie your hair back, wear something that allows access to the neck and chest, and have clean hands. 

Face massage is hugely beneficial for the skin and has accumulative results, overtime wrinkles and fine lines will reduce and muscle tension will ease, resulting in a more youthful appearance and a glowing complexion.

I have been a facialist, deep tissue & sports massage therapist for 19 years. I’m extremely passionate about health & wellbeing. I recently trained in the Pilates method so that I could support clients both physically & aesthetically. I believe that both the face and body need mindful movement to repair & flourish, so I encourage my clients to keep the muscles of the face and body toned with my unique facial massage method and pilates knowledge to stretch and release built up tension.

Booking is now open!

I look forward to seeing you on 9th June

Love Taryn 

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